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Top six parenting tips

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Top six parenting tips

Role of a parent can be demanding, and he or she can be put in some difficult situations where he can feel insecure and ask himself why is he making mistakes. That is why we made these useful tips, to help you overcome any problems.

Become professional in parenting

No one of use is born to know everything, to do some job, first, we must learn. Parenting is the most important job in our lives, so why not take some action on that field and educate ourselves. Invest some time and effort to become the best possible parent. A parent who wants to become professional is interested in new ways of parenting and is willing to enroll in expert’s classes and to read new inspiring books. He is wide open for new methods and works on relationship improvement with his children.

Listen to your child and what he has to say

Become parent phycologist and observe your child’s behavior. If a child is seeking more and more of your attention, then that is a positive sign that your child doesn’t feel connected with you. Use every opportunity to talk with him and think about the things which can empower your relationship.

Take care of yourself

If you are constantly under the stress, in the bad mood and on a verge of nervous breakdown, then there is hardly anything you can do for your child. When was the last time you did something for yourself, something that put you at ease, make you laugh and how did you feel after that? After you take some time for yourself, there is a big chance you would feel better, and you would show more love and consideration to your loved ones.

Become a role model

images3Every parent wants for his child to be independent, to have positive values, eat healthy food, to be focused and joyful. A child can adopt these values only with a help of good role model. Think about the person you want your child to become and be that person. Work on correcting his attitude, paying attention to your views, values, habits and make important decisions in life. You are your child’s most important teacher and role model.

Don’t stress about little things

Parents usually stress about everything. However, we can’t worry and love in the same time, love and fear can’t go together. When you think of acting in a particular type of situation, ask yourself a question: is this dangerous for his life, or is this immoral, or unhealthy? In some way, you will have to trust your child to make the right decision. This will help him become more independent.

Children time equals love


When you are doing interesting activities with your child, he will feel strong and connected to you. Mutual time will provide you possibility to talk to your child, and it will create an opportunity for the meaningful and sincere conversations. These are the moments your will truly enjoy each other’s company.

Things your children will remember about you

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Things your children will remember about you

What things do you remember from your childhood, are those the moments with your parents and friends, or something entirely different? Do you remember your first New Year’s present or your thoughts were preoccupied with your mom’s reactions or with your summer trips? We bet that most significant role in your memories occupied the moments when you had conversations with your parents. This is a normal appearance that children keep in their head as they grow. Think about this sometimes and focus on the right things because kids will remember you by them. What should you focus on?

The experiences and adventures you went through

These are the most important things that will unite your family and not something that you can buy them. That is way your children won’t remember every toy you bought them or how many ice cream they ate. But, they will remember the times when you went to a bakery store and laughed all the way, they will remember how happy they felt, and those thoughts will remain with them till the rest of their lives.

Beautiful words you tell them

proper-parentingThere are many nice words you can say to make you children special. “I proud of you, you make this family better, or you are a good friend.” What’s common to these sentences is that they all emphasize good qualities of your child. If you talk to him from an early age, you put in focus everything that is positive, and he will surely remember that.

You put everything in a second plan because of your child

Nowadays, where everything is so advanced, it happens often that we observe special moments through camera lenses, or we miss small thingsparenting which children wish to share with us because we aren’t present enough. When you dedicate your children’s attention, they will feel you are completely theirs, and they will know that they are loved. Children know that you loved them, but in those special moments, they especially notice it because you stopped everything else just to be with them.

How did you behave in tough situations?

To your children, you are a role model because they are still insecure and vulnerable. When the tough times come, like those when you have to face with some illness in your family, they will remember the way you talked about it. If they felt secure and at ease and how did you react?

The way you and your spouse treat other people

Children are always learning from you. If you are behaving badly towards other people or if you speak ill of them, children will pick everything up and start to apply the exact behavior. When you are at home with family and children, try to talk with your partner in a positive way, with lots of love and respect. In that way, the children will have a good example.

When you weren’t there for them

Even though this sounds like a negative experience, but it’s completely normal thing, and it’s an integral part of life. Like the first time when they slept without you.


Stay connected with your children and prevent virtual violence

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Stay connected with your children and prevent virtual violence

Many studies have shown that children are often the subjects of virtual violence, especially in the age between 8 and 17 years of life. This represents a high risk to children’s mental state and how would they develop further into strong and independent persons if they are exposed to every day’s verbal violence. But what can parents do to prevent this?

Nowadays children are widely familiar with the use of internet and social networks. Even though parents’ conscience about dangerous exposure and communications in the digital world is extremely high, they are still unaware enough or don’t have concrete knowledge about online dangers and risks.

Most of the parents whose children are between 8 and 17 years of life say that they talk about the dangerous use of the internet. This communication is at the peak around the ninth year; then intensity slowly decreases around the fifteenth year of child’s life.

It is a necessity for children to know about the risk, to recognize it, and to seek for parents’ help and support. Parents should be connected with their children, to improve their internet skills together, and to improve their awareness.

It is really important to have a loving and caring relationship with your child, to be sure that child understands your worry and to be able to confide in you. When a child is not afraid of repercussions or raging, he will able to communicate with you easily, and you will be in better position. You will have a chance to see what kind of content does the child search on the internet, but also to help him if you see the signs of virtual abuse. It is important to be active in the lives of your children and to be informed about every novelty.

Build a relationship of trust and cooperation with your children. If you can’t bond with them, computer literacy won’t do you any good.

1parentingDigital world doesn’t function independently from the real one. The behavior we have in this world, we will apply on the virtual. The best solution would be for a child to manages his first internet experiences together with a family. Talk with him and explore together.

Control and supervision of your child are extremely important, but their effect will be negative if they are imposed. Establish together with him the rules of the behavior on the internet and apply them together, don’t make any compromise.

The digital world is a priceless source of new information, fun and new friendships. Your child should now be deprived of those experiences. Precisely, because of that, you should be familiar with all types of virtual violence and to give support to your child in developing new skills and strategies, so he would be safe while using the internet.

If you notice that your child has problems with social abuse, you can always use SOS Facebook application.

Encourage other parents and teacher to take into consideration this matter and together plan activities and lectures about this subject.


Six things your child shouldn’t do before he hits 13

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Six things your child shouldn’t do before he hits 13

You should totally expect from your children to hurry with some things. In modern times, the need to grow up is just so overwhelming and with the exposure of different media, children mature quickly, they like to impersonate the elders and to consider them as role models. Even though some things are totally accepted, and people consider them good, doesn’t mean they are.

They should have restricted access to the internet

The internet is all around us, one the smartphones, on the television and the tablet. It doesn’t matter how many good sides does the internet has and allows education and comfort; it still brings the risks. Most common cases are sexual abuse through the internet, extortion and threats. If you leave your children at this age without the supervision, they are likely to experience some scam.

They shouldn’t consume sodas

pohulgcn9c1iiguDaily intake of calories should be taken through food and not drinks. If your child often consumes juices and sodas, he will intake calories, but without nutritive values. Recommended amount of sugar for a child of this age is three tablespoons daily, but usually, juices and sodas have tons of sugar only in one portion.

Your child shouldn’t sit for hours

Today’s kids spend more than eight hours or 60% of their time, when they are awake, in sitting position. There is a time which they need to spend by sitting, and that’s school, but the rest of the time they should be active. You can activate them to help you clean the house or make a meal.

They should watch programs intended for them

Children of this age are under the strong influence of television and movie character, which they consider cool. If they watch programs that are intended for elder children, they will feed your child with pictures of drugs, alcohol, sex and violence and before they have enough experience to put these pictures into appropriate context. In this programs, people use crude language which can have a negative influence on your child.

Limit his use of social networks

Block-internet-access-on-AndroidIt is a normal thing for children to be up to date and in trend and they would like to have a profile on a social network so they can impersonate their elder friends. But not always does the elder friend give a good example. You should have in mind that child in this age isn’t mature enough to be responsible for his actions. Children usually use these platforms to say something that they would never say in live conversation.  Also, children who spend too much time on social networks are prone to become subjects of sexual and verbal abuse.

They shouldn’t wear provocative clothes

1_kids shot 2Provocative clothes cause an awaking of sexual impulses and interest in boys, as well as first sexual interest. Regardless of the trends, you have right to disagree with this wearing and to set up the standards for your child. By teaching him to dress properly, according to its age, you are sending him a message that his true values aren’t his body, but heart and soul.

Seven golden rules to protect your children

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Seven golden rules to protect your children

Shocking discoveries have been brought to light regarding children’s safety when some studies have been made through 2014 and 2015. Nine out of ten children doesn’t know the phone number of their patents. Children of all age will do without a hesitation help elderly person to go to the store or to carry out the groceries. But, at the same time, ten out of ten children consider forty-year-old person old. Children are convinced that they can recognize criminal by its messy appearance, but is it always like that?

It is your job as a parent to teach your children to take care of themselves, and we bring you few tricks how to do that.

Give your child positive and negative experience

Encourage healthy self – esteem in children. Tell them what should they do instead of what shouldn’t. For example: “always tell me if someone offers you a present or a toy or if he asks you to go somewhere with him, promise me”, instead of: “don’t take anything from the strangers”! Encourage your child in success and tell him you believe in him, give him a praise even for the smallest success.

Teach your children through a game how to behave in certain situationschild-ipad-437938

Give your children examples how to behave in simple situations, how to answer a phone, what to do if someone rings the bell, how to say no. Together find the safest way from home to school, show him how to run if some stranger is chasing him, ask him how he makes a difference between good and bad people. Give him examples for each of these situations and then ask him to repeat.

Talk about safety

Every chance you get; you should talk about safety with your child. Speak about safety when he goes into an elevator, or he passes by construction, or by a garage.

Set up examples

“Always look through a peephole before you open a door. Always lock the door when you go out, even if it’s for a few minutes.”

Teach your children about home address and a phone

Your child has to know how to use a speed dial; he also should know how to recognize types of cars, vehicles and registrations. Teach your child the names of nearest companies and markets. These simple exercises will help him develop caution and teach him to critically estimate the world around himself.

Teach your child on example to show you who are the persons he can trust

image2Tell your child that stranger is not allowed to touch him. You can set up an example: “every person has its personal space and only closest relatives and family can enter your personal space. Your closest people are your family.”

Don’t avoid serious topics because they are life worthy

Most parents avoid talking with his child about kidnapping, scams and sexual abuse. This is a really big mistake, opening these subjects and talking about them, you will gain the trust of your child.

Help your children learn more effectively

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Help your children learn more effectively

Most students are accustomed to learning by reading same notes and students’ book over and over. However, psychological discoveries have shown that this is one of the worst methods of learning. Most effective method is the use of cards, diagrams, and maps. The learning order of the units it important, so mixing different units can cause disorder in studying.

Encourage your child not to read same units’ multiple times

child_learnAs most of them say, this is theirs number one strategy. The research has concluded that this repetitive accumulation of information isn’t good and cannot create a long-term memory. By observing the students, scientists have discovered that when they read one article, they memorize the same amount of material as when they read it the second time. When the article is read for the second time, student passes the familiar information and doesn’t extract new.

Tell them to ask lot of questions

This is a good technique, once they read the text, tell them to ask a lot of questions related to the subject. Gathering information in this way can be more effective for the memory. If the child answers wrong, he gets the feedback that he doesn’t know something and that he must read that again. In this way, he can control his studying, and he is learning with understanding.

He should connect new information with something he already knows

It would be a good try to connect new thesis with already familiar information. For example, the child is teaching about how neuron transfers electricity, and he already knows that neuron has a thick membrane around it which contributes to the transfer of electricity. You can help him connect that with the water hose. If the hose is punctured, the water will flow slower. Same happens with a membrane, transmission of electricity slows down.

Teach them to draw

child-study-homeworkThe excellent strategy is the creation of diagrams, mental maps and similar types of visual models. Scientists explain that this type of active studying, when children know which information are important, can store long- term memories and to keep relevant information. The child must be more engaged and less passive.

Use cards with notes

Even though most of the students forget about this cards and leave them by side, experience in practice shows that it can’t be good for their knowledge. A child should test his knowledge and everything he’s learned so far. It would be good for a child, if it repeats correctly some information from a card, to still leave that card in a deck because reunion can be extremely beneficial.

Distribute material

IMG_0165A lot of students uses the last hour to learn as much as they can and they repeat the same information over and over. For long- term memory that can be a bad decision, especially if a child will use some of the previous lessons for learning new ones. It is important to distribute your studying and learn every day something new.

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