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Seven golden rules to protect your children

Seven golden rules to protect your children

By on Jun 2, 2016 in Child, Parenting |

Shocking discoveries have been brought to light regarding children’s safety when some studies have been made through 2014 and 2015. Nine out of ten children doesn’t know the phone number of their patents. Children of all age will do without a hesitation help elderly person to go to the store or to carry out the groceries. But, at the same time, ten out of ten children consider forty-year-old person old. Children are convinced that they can recognize criminal by its messy appearance, but is it always like that?

It is your job as a parent to teach your children to take care of themselves, and we bring you few tricks how to do that.

Give your child positive and negative experience

Encourage healthy self – esteem in children. Tell them what should they do instead of what shouldn’t. For example: “always tell me if someone offers you a present or a toy or if he asks you to go somewhere with him, promise me”, instead of: “don’t take anything from the strangers”! Encourage your child in success and tell him you believe in him, give him a praise even for the smallest success.

Teach your children through a game how to behave in certain situationschild-ipad-437938

Give your children examples how to behave in simple situations, how to answer a phone, what to do if someone rings the bell, how to say no. Together find the safest way from home to school, show him how to run if some stranger is chasing him, ask him how he makes a difference between good and bad people. Give him examples for each of these situations and then ask him to repeat.

Talk about safety

Every chance you get; you should talk about safety with your child. Speak about safety when he goes into an elevator, or he passes by construction, or by a garage.

Set up examples

“Always look through a peephole before you open a door. Always lock the door when you go out, even if it’s for a few minutes.”

Teach your children about home address and a phone

Your child has to know how to use a speed dial; he also should know how to recognize types of cars, vehicles and registrations. Teach your child the names of nearest companies and markets. These simple exercises will help him develop caution and teach him to critically estimate the world around himself.

Teach your child on example to show you who are the persons he can trust

image2Tell your child that stranger is not allowed to touch him. You can set up an example: “every person has its personal space and only closest relatives and family can enter your personal space. Your closest people are your family.”

Don’t avoid serious topics because they are life worthy

Most parents avoid talking with his child about kidnapping, scams and sexual abuse. This is a really big mistake, opening these subjects and talking about them, you will gain the trust of your child.

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