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Six things your child shouldn’t do before he hits 13

Six things your child shouldn’t do before he hits 13

By on Jun 2, 2016 in Child, Parenting |

You should totally expect from your children to hurry with some things. In modern times, the need to grow up is just so overwhelming and with the exposure of different media, children mature quickly, they like to impersonate the elders and to consider them as role models. Even though some things are totally accepted, and people consider them good, doesn’t mean they are.

They should have restricted access to the internet

The internet is all around us, one the smartphones, on the television and the tablet. It doesn’t matter how many good sides does the internet has and allows education and comfort; it still brings the risks. Most common cases are sexual abuse through the internet, extortion and threats. If you leave your children at this age without the supervision, they are likely to experience some scam.

They shouldn’t consume sodas

pohulgcn9c1iiguDaily intake of calories should be taken through food and not drinks. If your child often consumes juices and sodas, he will intake calories, but without nutritive values. Recommended amount of sugar for a child of this age is three tablespoons daily, but usually, juices and sodas have tons of sugar only in one portion.

Your child shouldn’t sit for hours

Today’s kids spend more than eight hours or 60% of their time, when they are awake, in sitting position. There is a time which they need to spend by sitting, and that’s school, but the rest of the time they should be active. You can activate them to help you clean the house or make a meal.

They should watch programs intended for them

Children of this age are under the strong influence of television and movie character, which they consider cool. If they watch programs that are intended for elder children, they will feed your child with pictures of drugs, alcohol, sex and violence and before they have enough experience to put these pictures into appropriate context. In this programs, people use crude language which can have a negative influence on your child.

Limit his use of social networks

Block-internet-access-on-AndroidIt is a normal thing for children to be up to date and in trend and they would like to have a profile on a social network so they can impersonate their elder friends. But not always does the elder friend give a good example. You should have in mind that child in this age isn’t mature enough to be responsible for his actions. Children usually use these platforms to say something that they would never say in live conversation.  Also, children who spend too much time on social networks are prone to become subjects of sexual and verbal abuse.

They shouldn’t wear provocative clothes

1_kids shot 2Provocative clothes cause an awaking of sexual impulses and interest in boys, as well as first sexual interest. Regardless of the trends, you have right to disagree with this wearing and to set up the standards for your child. By teaching him to dress properly, according to its age, you are sending him a message that his true values aren’t his body, but heart and soul.

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