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Stay connected with your children and prevent virtual violence

Stay connected with your children and prevent virtual violence

By on Jun 2, 2016 in Child, Parenting |

Many studies have shown that children are often the subjects of virtual violence, especially in the age between 8 and 17 years of life. This represents a high risk to children’s mental state and how would they develop further into strong and independent persons if they are exposed to every day’s verbal violence. But what can parents do to prevent this?

Nowadays children are widely familiar with the use of internet and social networks. Even though parents’ conscience about dangerous exposure and communications in the digital world is extremely high, they are still unaware enough or don’t have concrete knowledge about online dangers and risks.

Most of the parents whose children are between 8 and 17 years of life say that they talk about the dangerous use of the internet. This communication is at the peak around the ninth year; then intensity slowly decreases around the fifteenth year of child’s life.

It is a necessity for children to know about the risk, to recognize it, and to seek for parents’ help and support. Parents should be connected with their children, to improve their internet skills together, and to improve their awareness.

It is really important to have a loving and caring relationship with your child, to be sure that child understands your worry and to be able to confide in you. When a child is not afraid of repercussions or raging, he will able to communicate with you easily, and you will be in better position. You will have a chance to see what kind of content does the child search on the internet, but also to help him if you see the signs of virtual abuse. It is important to be active in the lives of your children and to be informed about every novelty.

Build a relationship of trust and cooperation with your children. If you can’t bond with them, computer literacy won’t do you any good.

1parentingDigital world doesn’t function independently from the real one. The behavior we have in this world, we will apply on the virtual. The best solution would be for a child to manages his first internet experiences together with a family. Talk with him and explore together.

Control and supervision of your child are extremely important, but their effect will be negative if they are imposed. Establish together with him the rules of the behavior on the internet and apply them together, don’t make any compromise.

The digital world is a priceless source of new information, fun and new friendships. Your child should now be deprived of those experiences. Precisely, because of that, you should be familiar with all types of virtual violence and to give support to your child in developing new skills and strategies, so he would be safe while using the internet.

If you notice that your child has problems with social abuse, you can always use SOS Facebook application.

Encourage other parents and teacher to take into consideration this matter and together plan activities and lectures about this subject.


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