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Things your children will remember about you

Things your children will remember about you

By on Jun 2, 2016 in Child, Parenting |

What things do you remember from your childhood, are those the moments with your parents and friends, or something entirely different? Do you remember your first New Year’s present or your thoughts were preoccupied with your mom’s reactions or with your summer trips? We bet that most significant role in your memories occupied the moments when you had conversations with your parents. This is a normal appearance that children keep in their head as they grow. Think about this sometimes and focus on the right things because kids will remember you by them. What should you focus on?

The experiences and adventures you went through

These are the most important things that will unite your family and not something that you can buy them. That is way your children won’t remember every toy you bought them or how many ice cream they ate. But, they will remember the times when you went to a bakery store and laughed all the way, they will remember how happy they felt, and those thoughts will remain with them till the rest of their lives.

Beautiful words you tell them

proper-parentingThere are many nice words you can say to make you children special. “I proud of you, you make this family better, or you are a good friend.” What’s common to these sentences is that they all emphasize good qualities of your child. If you talk to him from an early age, you put in focus everything that is positive, and he will surely remember that.

You put everything in a second plan because of your child

Nowadays, where everything is so advanced, it happens often that we observe special moments through camera lenses, or we miss small thingsparenting which children wish to share with us because we aren’t present enough. When you dedicate your children’s attention, they will feel you are completely theirs, and they will know that they are loved. Children know that you loved them, but in those special moments, they especially notice it because you stopped everything else just to be with them.

How did you behave in tough situations?

To your children, you are a role model because they are still insecure and vulnerable. When the tough times come, like those when you have to face with some illness in your family, they will remember the way you talked about it. If they felt secure and at ease and how did you react?

The way you and your spouse treat other people

Children are always learning from you. If you are behaving badly towards other people or if you speak ill of them, children will pick everything up and start to apply the exact behavior. When you are at home with family and children, try to talk with your partner in a positive way, with lots of love and respect. In that way, the children will have a good example.

When you weren’t there for them

Even though this sounds like a negative experience, but it’s completely normal thing, and it’s an integral part of life. Like the first time when they slept without you.


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